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You may need to send money to France for various reason and whatever they are MoneySite can help. You need a money transfer company who is going to offer you the best foreign exchange rates with no fees and no commission. To get the best deal on a money transfer to France it's imperative that the transaction is timed to perfect to guarantee a preferential exchange rate and maximise the amount of money the beneficiary account receives.

MoneySite offer a highly competitive bank busting exchange rate guarantee, that's completely transparent and what's more there are no fees to pay and no commission!

transfer money to france

Top 10 reasons to transfer money to France

Buying property

Sending money to friends or family

Getting married


Buying goods or services



Paying salaries

School fees

Hom much can I transfer to France?

A money transfer to France can range from as little as £100 through to £2,000,000

Send money to France quickly and easily with no commission and no fees....

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