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You may need to transfer money to Poland for various reason, whatever they are you want to be sure that you're getting the best deal and the best service. Moneysite has a transparent money transfer service to Poland that offers bank beating exchange rates, no commission, no hidden charges and above all money transfers are conducted with lightning fast speeds.

We all like to save money but that doesn't mean we expect a lesser service and with MoneySite you can expect an unparalleled level of service and above all fanatical support and that's just the way we roll!

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What's the difference between a UK money transfer and a money transfer to Poland?

Internal UK money transfers are fast and be done through your bank at no extra cost and are often instantaneous or at the very least the same day for those of us who use the faster banking service. However, a money transfer to Poland requires a currency conversion before it can be transferred to a recipients account and this is where using your bank is expensive and slow. MoneySite carry out your currency conversion at market leading rates and charge no hidden fees and no commission. A money transfer to Poland will take up to two days to complete and more often than not funds are received the same day.

Why transfer money to Poland?

With so many Polish people living and working in the UK there is now a need to transfer money to Poland on a regular basis, those reasons range from:

Sending money to friends or family

Getting married


Buying goods or services



Paying salaries

School fees

Hom much can I transfer to Poland?

Transfers to Poland range from £100 - £2,000,000 and typically a transfer for £2000 could cost you £100 less with than sending it with your bank - job done, money saved!

If you transfer £2000 to Poland, you could be saving more than £100 compared to a high street banks charges. Cheap transfers and fast transfer times means only one thing

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